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Group Health Coverage

        Applying for group health insurance coverage can be tricky, and there are several options in how you apply for coverage that can affect the type of coverage and the cost of that coverage. In some cases it may be more cost effective to obtain coverage individually, especially in smaller groups (between two and ten people). In other cases, cost effective coverage for a member of the group with a preexisting condition may best be obtained by including them in a group of healthier people. Large groups, 50 or more in California - 100 or more in Arizona, are eligible for lower rates and easier acceptance.
        Whether a group is large or small, you will need to compile a census of the individual members and families that will be covered, including the preexisting medical conditions, ages, etc. The rates for group coverage are usually based on both the size and health of the group.

In every case, you'll want to talk with us before applying for group coverage.
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